Strong preference for tasty and genuine soy sauce

“Naturally brewed soy sauce”, we have a strong preference for genuine soy sauce.

“Soy sauce of Bakumatsu”, “Umasho”, “Fukumurasaki”, “Genroku”, “Kuroninniku-shoyu”, and “Ryoma” are all naturally brewed.

Unlike general fast-brewing soy sauce (inexpensive soy sauce brewed for about 3 months with forced fermentation) and soy sauce diluted with water, we use bacteria-free groundwater with lots of minerals from Hakusan mountain and natural salt as well as whole soybeans and wheat produced in Fukui prefecture to brew naturally without any additives for about one year by a special process, which is developed in the Edo era.

In the mineral-rich unrefined soy sauce (in fermentation process) without bacteria, more than 300 different kinds of amino acids and other components are naturally produced by the action of koji mold through a long fermentation process, which produces delicate taste, umami taste, flavor, and koku (savory). They can never be produced by artificial flavors.

Health-conscious; additive-free and low sodium soy sauce

Excess intake of sodium in the components such as salt (sodium chloride), Umami    seasonings (sodium glutamate), and artificial sweeteners (saccharin sodium) contributes to hypertension.

Soy sauce contains more than 300 different kinds of components required for supporting human bodies, such as amino acids (proteins), vitamins, minerals, and enzymes as well as peptides which have a blood pressure-lowering effect.

These components are found to be very useful and essential for the growth of humans.

Soy sauce with such components contributes to human health and helps prevent modern diseases. Representative  effects of soy sauce intake include sterilizing effect, antioxidant effect, hypotensive effect, inhibitory effect on arteriosclerosis, anti-ulcer effect, improvement of allergic symptoms, and inhibitory effect on thrombus formation (quoted from “Shouyu wo Kagaku Suru”, a report on medical and physiological efficacy of consuming soy sauce, published by Soysauce Information Center in 2004 ) .

In collaboration with Fukui Prefectural University, we developed a low-sodium soy sauce, “Umasho”, which contains 20% more Umami taste and amino acids and 50% less salt than regular soy sauces (containing only 8.75 g/100 g of salt, while conventional soy sauce contains 17.5 g/100 g).

The recommended salt intake for adults is 10 g per day. However, salt content in the various foods is high, as follows; noodle soup (about 5 g/serving), processed food, instant food (frozen pilaf includes about 3 g/serving), food served at restaurants (Chinese sweet and sour pork and rice set meal contains about 6 g/serving).

In contrast, the use of “Umasho” decreases the average salt intake to about 1.4 g per day.

“Umasho” contains a large amount of essential amino acids and peptides which help reduce blood pressure, and thus the proper use of “Umasho” can give you a healthy diet with less salt.