MUROJI since 1573
The oldest Japanese Soy-Sauce Brewery in the world

Historically, our ancestors were vassals of the Asakura clan which was a famous Busho (Japanese military commander) family during the Sengoku (Warring states) period of Japanese history. After the destruction of the Asakura clan, our ancestors began koji, liquor, miso, and soy-sauce businesses. Thereafter, for more than 440 years, we have been making soy-sauce here in Fukui, Japan.


Strong preference for tasty and genuine soy sauce

“Naturally brewed soy sauce”, we have a strong preference for genuine soy sauce.

“Soy sauce of Bakumatsu”, “Umasho”, “Fukumurasaki”, “Genroku”, “Kuroninniku-shoyu”, and “Ryoma” are all naturally brewed.

Health-conscious; addictive-free and low sodium soy sauce